L-Type Sealing Machine-Specifications
Auto L-Type Series Sealer


型號 LA-500  LA-700
封口長度(mm) 450 × 560 mm  700X500
電壓 220V 
瓦特數  50HZ 60HZ
機械呎吋 1680 × 950 × 1380 mm  2550x1200x1580mm
包裝物高度 10-120 mm 10-120 mm
包 裝 能 力 25 pcs 25 pcs

1-The non-adhesive, heat-resistant and thermostat alloysealing knife will not cause any burning,mess or poisonous gas from the shrinkable film.
2-The film-feeding system is perfectly manipulated by our special designed electric eyes and control timer to adjust the length of shrink film automatically.
3-The added vertical electric eye provide alternative setting for packaging system.
Most suitable for thin and small objects.
4-High versatility.
Easy to adjust for varied products to achieve the upmost packaging effect.
5-The sealer temperature control system with excellent sensitivity and high accuracy can be easily adjusted for the best result of the sealing line.
6-The new feature of the added roller can automatically perform the scraps feeding-out process.
7-Leave no mess.
and keep your working space tidy and nice.