Auto Sealer
Electromagnet Control Double Impulse Sealer
Description: WNS series is installed one stronger Electromagnet to suit a large quantity sealing.
To save the power of operator.
Press the Foot Switch lightly, sealing & cooling will be finished easier.
Operating is so easy.

ModelMNS-300T MNS-450T MNS-600T MNS-750T
Voltage110V/220V  110V/220V 220V  220V
Power (Watt.) 1000W1900W2400W3200W
Max. sealing300*5mm450*5mm600*5mm750*5mm
Heating Time0-2.0 sec 0-2.0 sec. 0-2.0 sec. 0-2.0 sec
Max. Temp250°C250°C250°C250°C
Dimension38*34*90cm 53*34*90cm 68*34*90cm 83*34*90cm