Vacuum Blister-Shell Packing machine
Round Type Blister Packing Machine

Machine Number : OS-340A
Packing Area400X300X (mm) 4 Mould
Sealing Time4-8 SEC
Power1Ø220V /240V/380V
Machine size1260X1180XX1340(mm)
Electric heat principleInstant/Heater
Operation modeSemi/Full Auto
Special itemMould Area

1- To heat transparent blister-shell which made in vacuum shaping and attach with exquisite-print header paperboard.
2- A whirling worktable saves much time in reciprocating pushing stuff.
3- The worktable starts and stops automatically; besides, the packin speed can be set.
4- The worktable which can revolve and move forward automatically performs mechanical lasting efficiency and raises capacity over three tims.
5- The machine possesses general advantages of two models, the reciprocating and continuous